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Joint Dockers and Seafarers Conference, 8 August 2010

“At the ITF 2014 congress you will take important decisions and identify priorities for transport unions globally over the next four years. You will elect ITF leaders. You will share transport union successes, reflect on experiences and shape the future. You will inspire, build strong relationships and attest to the fact that in moving from global crisis to global justice, transport unions are fighting back. ITF congress is your congress, join us."

Stephen Cotton, ITF acting general secretary

We had a very successful congress 2014. And its impact depends on your ongoing involvement.

How was congress for you? Let us know!

Any ideas on how we could improve next time? We want to hear from you!

The congress 2014 survey is now available online. Please do take five minutes to answer these questions, as well use them to inform future congress planning.

So – whether you loved your tablet, got lost on the way to a fringe event, or gave yourself blisters dancing at Monday night’s world music event, please let us know!